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Pallet Racking and Seismic Codes

August 26, 2015

Pallet Racking and Warehouse Shelving Pallet Racking and Seismic Codes: Is Your System Engineered Properly? Your warehouse needs a high-density storage solution, but failing to consider seismic risks when designing warehouse racking could lead to devastating risks. In recent years, pallet racking systems have grown substantially in size. After all, the taller the rack, the…

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Options for Buying New Warehouse Equipment

August 11, 2015

Equipment Acquisition: What Are My Options? Finding the right forklift equipment for your business is not easy, and quite often the available equipment acquisition options will be a considerable factor in your decision. Options include leasing, outright purchase, Rent to Own, Long or Short Term Rentals, etc… So how do you know what answer is…

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New forklifts vs used forklifts

July 29, 2015

New Versus Used Forklifts: What Makes Sense for Your Company? Everyone wants new equipment, fresh off the production line, featuring the latest technology with zero wear & tear; and of course the added bonus of a new warranty. Deciding to purchase new equipment is the easy answer, and in a productive busy application it’s probably…

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Climate Control Tips for Your Warehouse

June 30, 2015

Climate Control Tips for Your Warehouse As a warehouse owner or manager, your first priority is the safety of your employees. And your second most important priority is probably making money. But there is one thing that jeopardizes both of those priorities: the weather. The Importance of Climate Control Although heating and air conditioning is…

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Forklift Driver’s Ed

June 19, 2015

Forklift Driver’s Ed: Why You Can’t Treat Your Forklift Like Your Car Even in the most professional and responsible warehouse environments, employees may feel the need to bring some fun to their daily routine. They may use their breaks to play games or read books. They may organize after-hours hangouts with their fellow coworkers. Or,…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Pallet Racking

May 5, 2015

Barry McLaughlin – Storage Products Sales Manager A Beginner’s Guide to Pallet Racking As your business grows and you need to store more inventory in your warehouse, things can get complicated if you do not have a system in place. This is where pallet racking comes in. Pallet racking is a system for storing and…

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Know When Your Forklift Needs Maintenance

April 22, 2015

Steve Dutton – Operations Manager Lift Truck Aftermarket Division How to Know When Your Forklift Needs Maintenance Forklift Maintenance Even if you run the safest warehouse in the world your employees still have to deal with many risks some of which could be related to equipment failures due to lack of maintenance. Reducing failures is…

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Simple Steps to an Organized Warehouse

April 7, 2015

Terry Kerr 7 Steps to a Clean, Organized Warehouse Every warehouse must serve similar basic purposes: to receive new inventory, and to safely store that inventory, and to distribute products to customers. But warehouse clutter and disorganization can – if ignored – lead to long-term inefficiency and safety concerns. Beyond this, it can impact your…

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Safety Tips For Driving a Forklift

March 19, 2015

Terry Kerr Forklift Safety Tips and Tricks Driving a forklift is nothing like driving a car. True, it has brake and acceleration pedals as well as a steering wheel or tiller, but many of the levers and controls are counterintuitive. You need to pass forklift theory training and a practical test to operate a forklift,…

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Tips To Keep Your Employees Safe At Work

December 1, 2014

Greg Dickman Beyond “Lift with Your Legs”: Practical Tips to Keep Your Employees Safe at Work When you manage or supervise a busy warehouse, you have many responsibilities. You oversee shift schedules, coordinate with departments, and monitor employee performance. You ensure your team meets production requirements, maintain the facility, and organize inventory. That barely scratches…

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