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How does your company warehouse “stack up” against the new regulations coming into effect on January 1, 2018?

In case you haven’t heard, WorkSafeBC will be implementing a complete set of new guidelines regulating the design, installation, inspection and maintenance of warehouse steel storage racks.


This means your warehouse racking and equipment in Vancouver, including your entire pallet racking installation, will come under scrutiny by WorkSafeBC.

Let’s take a look at the whys, whats and specifics of WorkSafeBC’s new racking regulations:

  • Why? The new WorkSafeBC regulations align with the BC Building code as well as with the CSA standards bringing a more consistent approach to the use and design of warehouse racking systems thru out B.C. Pallet rack systems are required to be engineered to the end user’s product storage requirements. With WorkSafeBC requiring safe working loads to be posted in warehouse environments, there will be an increased awareness of a pallet rack system capacity leading to a safer working environment.
    WorkSafeBC is promoting regular inspections of pallet racks as well as detailed maintenance records so inspectors can see that the employer is complying with the new regulations in appropriately.
  • What? The new regulations will apply to steel storage racks only, including pallet racks, drive-in and –through racks, and others—in both normal warehouses, and “retail” warehouses like Costco, etc. Steel racks smaller than 2.4m are exempt, unless the material on them is loaded and unloaded using mechanical means.
  • Here is a quick look at what the new warehouse pallet racking guidelines in Vancouver will address:
    • Racks are to be designed and built following expert engineering protocol; strong enough to support the load for which they are designed and used according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Safe loading, unloading and maintenance practices as outlined by the manufacturer or professional engineer and made readily available to workers.
    • Only certified personnel are to erect or disassemble storage racks.
    • Rated load-bearing capacity of racking is to be posted nearby and clearly visible.
    • All modifications to racking, including reconfiguration, are to follow manufacturer specifications.
    • Regular inspections are to be carried out by qualified personnel for signs of wear, damage, corrosion, fatigue or missing parts, and recorded.
    • Regular maintenance is to be carried out as outlined by the manufacturer or professional engineer in charge.

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