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Tips for choosing the right warehouse

Before you need to worry about what kind of shelving or forklifts you’ll need for your warehouse, you need to make another important decision. Where should your warehouse be and what features should the building have?

At ARPAC, we offer forklift rental and warehouse equipment and racking solutions to every business in the Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver areas. Before you call one of our experts to help you fit out your warehouse for maximum efficiency, here are a few tips on choosing the right warehouse in the first place.

  • Location, location, location. There’s a reason real estate experts focus so much on location. It’s essential to have a warehouse that’s close to important transportation routes (highways, railroads, etc.). Where are your clients? Where should your warehouse be that makes your delivery routes most efficient?
  • Security. If you’re not building your own warehouse, be sure that the proprietor has installed proper fire suppression systems and other security measures.
  • Local job market. Buying, building, or leasing a warehouse won’t be of much use if you can’t find experienced, competent workers to help you run it. Is there a sufficient workforce available in the area of your warehouse?
  • Insurance. Although you certainly would prefer for nothing to go wrong, you should always prepare for the worst. Is the warehouse properly insured?
  • Layout. Besides the location of the warehouse itself, the layout may be the most important aspect of a warehouse. What kind of product flow are you expecting? Are there any features in the buildings you’re looking at that will prevent optimum efficiency? 
  • Staging Areas. Although it might seem to be only a minor part of the warehouse, underestimating your requirement for staging incoming and outgoing products can significantly impact your productivity. 
  • Potential for expansion. Searching for the right warehouse can be exhausting and difficult. You should resist the temptation, however, to settle for good enough. Don’t just think about your business’s current needs. You also need to consider what space you’ll need as your company grows.

 After you’ve decided on a warehouse, it’s time to contact us at ARPAC. We can help you find new forklifts, arrange a forklift rental, and provide warehouse equipment, including shelving and racking, to anyone in the Calgary, Vancouver or Edmonton areas. We have the skills and resources to help you optimize your warehouse space.