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How to choose the right used equipment dealer

Material handling companies often have to change or replace their storage systems, equipment and utility vehicles before these things reach the end of their service life. This can happen because the company is expanding, moving, changing its focus or closing. Consequently, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to buying used equipment. However, choosing the right dealer is crucial. Here’s how to do it.

Used Equipment

What is their core business?

The first thing to do is to ask them what their focus is, and what brands they prefer.  Do they sell racking? If so, whose brand? Do they offer design builds, and if so, can they provide an Engineer stamp? A good way to get a sense of their professionalism and expertise is to ask what kind of racking and shelving would be best for your needs.


Who represents their preferred Brand?

Buying a used piece of equipment from the company that is the original manufacturers sanctioned dealer is considerably safer than buying from a used reseller.  The OEM Brand representative has much more to lose, so they will only sell used equipment they can trust is reliable.


Where do they source their equipment?

As the equipment industry continues to specialize based on application builds, the original manufacturers have become active used equipment purchasers for their rebuild programs such as the Crown Encore where they can remove unnecessary options and create rebuilds with the new customers needs in focus. Your application may not require a new forklift, but a competitively price Crown Encore with new equipment warranty is an excellent alternative. Finding a quality used forklift can seem easy enough, but be careful before you decide on any used racking, make sure you check your local bylaws or that used racking that seems like a great deal now can become a real nightmare when you are forced to tear it down because no engineer will put their stamp on it.

It begs repeating, when it comes to purchasing used utility vehicles or used forklift equipment, make sure the company you’re considering knows where the equipment was, and unless it’s a rebuild like the Crown Encore, make sure they have the service history on it.  Best case scenario is you’re buying a truck they sold new and have serviced throughout its life. As a final note, know where the truck worked, a perfectly maintained truck will still fall apart prematurely if it worked in a Fish Plant where brine is everywhere, those trucks are never ever the same again.


Check the Warranty

A good rule of thumb is to never buy anything the dealer is unwilling to offer a good warranty on, and for the record 30 days is a big gamble on your part, but not on the dealer.  Look for Major Component warranty with a minimum of 90 days coverage, and on Dealer rebuilds selling at a premium do not be afraid to ask for 180 days major component warranty, they may charge a bit extra, but they won’t offer it if they don’t trust the product. Used racking & shelving if utilized in low level configurations (under 8 feet) can be a great deal, look for items with no cuts, dents, holes, rust, or obvious rewelds.  More than ever the condition is important as systems today need to be engineered, so a reputable company will not sell any used racking they are unable to assess capacity on. If they offer it anyway, don’t walk, run away from that company.


Verify that they provide support

Make sure that the company you’re buying from provides support. This includes maintenance and repairs as well as design and layout help. While you can buy racking from a company that doesn’t provide these services, you’d be taking a serious risk, especially with all of the new codes.


Used forklifts and racking in B.C. and Alberta

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