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How the Right Warehouse Equipment in Vancouver Improves Dock Efficiency

Dock efficiency is critical for any operation. In order to achieve efficiency, you need to deploy a plan that includes design, the use of the right warehouse equipment and properly trained staff.

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4 Essential Tips for Improving Dock Efficiency

Regardless of your industry, if your company has a dock, then you must hone in on your space design, employee training, upgrades, and safety to maximize the work area.

To reach this level of efficiency, there are four essential items to tackle first:

  • Improve the Flow with an Optimized Design: A dock bottleneck is likely the cause of inefficient unloading and loading processes. If the input comes faster than the output, you will have unnecessary employee strain, wasted costs, and a delay in your s All of this can result in customer dissatisfaction and revenue loss. To avoid such issues, create a flow chart to find your bottlenecks, and then optimize the dock design so you can more efficiently move goods from warehouse to dock with ease.
  • Upgrade Warehouse Equipment: Outdated warehouse equipment in some Vancouver companies is often the cause of inefficient practices. Some key items your business might consider upgrading include your dock doors & shelters, lift products, levellers, and of course, your forklifts.
  • Improve Safety at the Dock: Efficiency is important, but so is safety. To reduce liability and the risk of damaging goods, you need to optimize your dock’s organization. This includes keeping the area free and clear of debris to avoid accidents which damage equipment and product. To assist your operators, install mast or overhead guard mounted worklights on your forklifts. As a final note on safety, it is improved by performing all the requisite planned maintenance on equipment. If your equipment is severely outdated, upgrading your dock equipment might be worth the investment.
  • Leverage the Power of Technology: Changes in technology occur daily. If you haven’t investigated the numerous forms of automation that could help streamline your dock operation, you might consider having a discussion with material handling professionals such as Arpac Storage Systems.

Bottom line, the more you streamline, provide updated training and utilize the right technology, the more efficient your dock will be. There are always options to improve dock efficiency. Even if your company lacks the high cash reserves to replace all your components or upgrade, slowly upgrading the more critical areas like doors, levelers, and forklifts will dramatically improve efficiency.

At Arpac, we firmly believe innovation, the responsible use of technology, and a focus on safety will improve any company’s efficiency. If you are looking for warehouse equipment in Vancouver, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services such as dock equipment, racking & shelving systems, forklifts, warehouse layout & design, forklift repair, forklift rentals and operator training. Don’t let an inefficient dock cost you profit. Contact the professionals at Arpac for a consultation.

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