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How is Your Used Equipment Dealer Sourcing Their Forklifts?

So you are in the market for a used forklift, and you found two that are pretty similar, which one should you buy?  Your first thought is likely based on price, and your second is probably based on hours of use, am I close?  Sure these are both things to consider, but as the people at Arpac will tell you, there are a few other things you should consider as well.

  1. Who Are You Buying the Used Forklift From?

Are you buying the truck from the forklift dealer who sold the truck originally, or are you buying the truck from a used equipment dealer who purchased it through an online auction?  Sure the truck is clean, it has a fresh paint job and new tires, but what can that used dealer tell you about the service history? If the used forklift has had issues in the past it may be an unreliable machine. It’s better to know the service history than to discover an issue when you need the forklift to work.

  1. Who serviced the Truck?

When a Forklift dealer represents one of the big Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Crown, or UniCarriers, they have a responsibility to the manufacturer to work with the customer in maintaining the equipment. They will use the proper OEM parts, be factory trained, and will have a stake in the performance and longevity of the equipment.  The used equipment dealer won’t have these commitments, or feel any obligation to the OEM, they have no stake in the equipment, or the brand. Keep this in mind when purchasing from a used equipment dealer and ask about how the truck has been serviced in the past. Reliable used forklift dealers like ARPAC can provide this information and have a responsibility to the OEM.

  1. How Was the Used Forklift Worked?

As important as knowing the quality of the dealership you are working with, and the service history on the equipment, it is equally important to know the environment and working conditions the truck experienced before the auction, sandblasting, painting, and fresh tires.  There are some very clean applications that are well maintained, and have good well trained operators, a truck could be run double shifts in these applications for five years and still be a productive truck.  The opposite is the truck that is put into the harsh applications, it could be a low-hour, three year old truck, and due to its previous use have very little real value to the marketplace.

In the end, make sure you’re dealing with someone who is defending the reputation of their brand. This is important because their dealership sells the forklifts brand new, they made an investment in the forklifts, and they have much more to lose than a person selling multiple makes and models – from who knows where.

ARPAC – Reliable Used Forklift Dealers

At ARPAC we are committed to offering used forklifts of the highest quality. We are an authorized dealer of Crown, UniCarriers, and Taylor-Dunn products. With many years of experience renting, leasing, and selling used forklifts in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and throughout Western Canada, we can provide the used forklifts that are right for you! Contact us today, or visit our used forklifts page for further information.