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Forklift operator training is not a luxury!

In fact, it’s mandated by law.

But forklift operator training also helps create a culture of efficiency and safety in your workplace that will only add to your bottom line down the road.

Let’s take a look at what forklift and warehouse equipment operator training in Vancouver can do for your business:

  • Reduced risk of accidents. Consider forklift operator training a kind of insurance policy. The better your forklift operators are trained, the less likely they are to have accidents that can cause significant damage to inventory and equipment, downtime, and worse: serious injury.
  • Increased productivity. Having well-trained warehouse equipment operators in Vancouver means higher work efficiency. It also means less downtime from machinery failure because trained operators maintain equipment better, are less likely to damage it, and can often spot issues and address them before they become full-blown breakdowns.
  • Long-term benefits. When you invest in your operators’ training and well-being, they feel respected and take greater pride in their work. This helps your business retain good workers. And a respected operator is a respectful operator—your equipment will be treated better and last longer.

Do you want to invest in warehouse equipment and forklift operator training for your business in Vancouver?

At ARPAC, we’ve been a leader in the materials-handling industry in Western Canada for over 40 years, and we offer a host of training options to accommodate your schedule, needs and budget:

  • In-house or on-site. If you only have one or two forklift operators who need training, our open classes in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary are the perfect cost-effective solution to get them the training and certification they need. If you have a greater number of operators who need training or (re)certification, we can come to you! We offer on-site training to minimise disruption to your operation. And because we train your operators on your equipment, it affords them the immediate satisfaction of learning on machines they will be using in the future.
  • All levels of training offered. From novice training and certification to recertifying experienced operators to “train-the-trainer” classes—we offer the options you need. We certify Class 1 to Class 7 equipment operators, and more!
  • Thorough training. Our courses consist of a theory component with a written test; followed by an evaluation of the student’s ability to safely operate the equipment they are trained on. Successful applicants receive CSA certification. Novices can also receive one-on-one training.

As a business owner, offering the best forklift and warehouse equipment operator training to your employees in Vancouver just makes sense! Contact us at ARPAC today!