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Charging your batteries: out with the old, in with the new

Making the switch from conventional chargers to the new and improved high frequency chargers might seem like a daunting task. You might ask yourself “why should I bother spending more money to make the switch?” Well, the reality is that as technology continues to make progress—so does the efficiency and design of the lift truck charger. Investing in the future of this technology will result in saving far more money in the long run. Trust the experts in warehouse equipment and forklift repairs in Vancouver and Edmonton, let us show you why making the switch can benefit you and your company.

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What is a high frequency charger?

A high frequency battery charger is similar to a conventional charger, except that it operates at a much higher rate than its out-dated counterpart. The transformers in these types of chargers are much smaller, which means that as a whole, they are much lighter and take up less room than conventional chargers. They are 90% efficient, which makes them far more cost effective as well.

What are the advantages of a high frequency charger?

  • Efficiency: as stated previously, high frequency chargers have an efficiency rate of over 90%. This is owed to the fact they are built with advanced internal components as opposed to the technology used in conventional chargers, which is for the most part, obsolete.
  • Possibility for rapid charging: high frequency chargers can fully charge a forklift battery in 6-8 hours without the possibility of damaging the battery.
  • Smoother DC output: minimizes battery heat and increases battery life.
  • LCD display: provides the user with a detailed account of charging information.
  • 25% reduction in watering: waste less time changing the water in your batteries.
  • Customizable parameters: tailor the perfect charge to fit whatever type of you are currently charging.

Investing in a high frequency charger will result in higher overall productivity as well as reduce the space required for charging stations, ultimately increasing spatial efficiency. Having these new high frequency chargers will also decrease the cost and need for lift truck maintenance.

When considering the cost of your forklift fleet management in Edmonton, consider the possibility of purchasing a high frequency charger. For more information regarding forklift sales, visit our website or contact the experts at ARPAC today to find the best prices on new and used forklifts in Edmonton.