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5 benefits of renting your forklifts

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Whether you have a modest operation or a large, bustling warehouse, you should consider whether it’s more economical to rent rather than own your forklift fleet. Here are five potential benefits of opting for a rental program.


Respond to seasonal changes in demand

If your business sees increased or decreased demand depending on the season, renting your equipment may be the most practical option. This will allow you to increase your fleet during your busiest season and reduce it during slower periods, thereby cutting your costs while retaining an ample fleet to meet your company’s needs.


Meet unanticipated increases in activity

When you work with a company like ARPAC, you can rent a forklift on short notice and thereby deal with unanticipated storage volumes. This helps you to avoid major backlogs that could hamper your operations.


ARPAC’s forklift rental programs are designed to offer maximum flexibility. Whether you’re looking for a short or long-term rental or, alternatively, you want to rent to purchase or lease with variable payments, we provide a plan tailored to your company’s needs.


Eliminate maintenance costs

Regular maintenance is required to keep lift trucks working at peak efficiency and to ensure the safety of forklift drivers. Owning a forklift fleet means being in charge of this maintenance work and bearing the burden of the expenses this entails, including the costs of servicing, repairs and parts. When you rent a forklift with ARPAC, our team maintains your equipment for you as part of the rental package.


Eliminate equipment obsolescence

If the scope or nature of your operations is subject to change, it’s useful to be able to reconfigure or upgrade your fleet at will with a rental program. If, conversely, you own all your forklifts, you may be stuck with equipment you don’t need when your business evolves.


Free up cash for your business

You can convert your current forklift fleet into immediate cash by selling it and signing up for a rental plan. What’s more, short- and long-term forklift rentals keeps your line of credit clear and has a minimal impact on your business’ ability to borrow.


Forklift rentals and sales in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

At ARPAC, we offer flexible short-term and long-term forklift rental plans. We provide you with reliable, industry-leading equipment and wide selection of available models. In addition, we carry a range of new and used forklifts. Contact us for all your forklift and pallet racking needs in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Vancouver and throughout Western Canada.