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4 advantages of loading dock seals and shelters

Your loading dock doors are busy places. Therefore, you must do everything possible to ensure they operate safely and efficiently. Loading dock seals and shelters are vital components of your dock bay doors. Here’s more on what they do and their benefits.

Loading dock seals vs loading dock shelters

First, it’s essential to differentiate between loading dock seals and loading dock shelters.

  • Loading dock seals are soft barriers that sit around the perimeter of the loading dock door. They can be filled with foam or compressed air. As a trailer backs up to the door, it presses against the seal, forming a barrier between your warehouse door, the trailer and the outdoor elements.
  • Loading dock shelters create a tunnel that connects the loading bay door with the trailer. They consist of curtains made of soft, weatherproof fabric that sit on a rigid steel frame. The shelter folds up when not in use.

Benefits of loading dock seals and shelters

There are numerous advantages to using seals and shelters at your loading bay doors.

  1. Climate control. Loading door seals and shelters keep out frigid air in winter and hot air in the summer. Consequently, your commercial HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable working temperature for your employees. Plus, comfortable workers are more efficient and productive.
  2. Reduced utility bills. Because your air conditioner and heating systems don’t have to work as hard, you’ll see lower electricity and natural gas bills. Over time, a loading dock seal or shelter can pay for itself with reduced energy costs.
  1. Increased safety. Seals and shelters effectively keep rain, snow and hail from the loading bay work area. Maintaining a dry work area reduces the number of slip-and-fall accidents. Moreover, employees who feel safe are more productive and can focus on the task, avoiding injury.
  1. Protects your assets. Besides protection from the elements, a seal protects your assets from accidents. The seal forms a soft barrier between your building and moving trailers and prevents damage to your facility and the loading bay door from truck drivers who miss the mark.

Dock equipment in British Columbia and Alberta

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