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5 essential warehouse vehicles that aren’t forklifts

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Forklifts are a common sight in the material handling industry, and many warehouses couldn’t function without them. However, there are other vehicles that could drastically increase your company’s efficiency. Here are five you may want to consider purchasing.

  1. Aerial lifts. Investing in an aerial lift is a good way to ensure workers can have easy access to merchandise without compromising optimal use of floor space. Indeed, in most warehouses, every single inch available is at a premium. However, using more vertical space typically means that wider aisles are needed to grant forklifts the room needed to manoeuvre. By using aerial lifts instead, this issue can be avoided. 
  1. Light utility vehicles. From two-seat people movers to four- and six-seat shuttles, Polaris GEM light utility vehicles provide you with a flexible and highly practical means of transportation. Smaller models offer a tight turning radius, allowing for easy access to every area of your warehouse. All models can be fitted with a heated cab and other weatherproofing features to make them suitable for outdoor use. Models with hauling capacity are also available. From warehouse and facility yard tours to routine inspections, these vehicles can handle it all.
  1. Personnel carriers. If you routinely need to move personnel around the warehouse, or the grounds of your large property, investing in a carrier is a great idea. This will ensure that your employees and guests can get to where they’re going faster. In addition, busy warehouses with a lot of forklift traffic present a serious hazard for pedestrians. Providing a vehicle dedicated to personnel movement will drastically lower the risk of collisions and other accidents. This will save you money in the long run.
  1. One way to measurably improve your warehouse’s overall efficiency is to provide stockchasers for your employees. These small, nimble vehicles can access narrow alleys easily and bring employees closer to the merchandise they need to reach. This reduces the risk of injuries related to handling heavy loads and also provides a safer option for employees who need to fill orders. Most models can be fitted with multi-level ladders for reaching second level picks, and extended decks, it all depends on your needs. 
  1. Maintenance Expeditors. Large facilities can be difficult to maintain, and the time wasted returning to the maintenance department for the right tool or part can be taxing on productivity. Whether you choose the Taylor Dunn MX-600, or the MX-1600 you can bring part of the maintenance department with you to the repair and vastly improve your uptime.



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