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5 Benefits of Electric Forklifts

Crown electric forklift

Although gas, propane and diesel-powered forklifts continue to dominate the market, electric forklifts are steadily gaining in popularity. In the past, electric forklifts were deemed inefficient and impractical. However, advanced technology performance has changed all that. Here are five advantages that electric forklifts have over traditional models.

  1. They’re low maintenance. Electric forklifts have fewer moving parts than gas, propane and diesel-powered forklifts. This makes them easier to maintain and repair and reduces the risk of an unexpected breakdown, translating into less downtime and increased productivity.
  2. They’re environmentally friendly. Since they don’t produce any harmful emissions, electric forklifts are better for the environment, and your employees, than their diesel, propane and gas-powered counterparts. They also don’t create waste liquids such as coolant and oil that can be damaging to the environment when not properly disposed of.
  3. They’re quiet. Electric forklifts are extremely quiet and only produce a low humming sound. The reduced noise level helps prevent operator fatigue and makes it easier to communicate and hear warning horns and backup signals.
  4. They’re safe. Since electric forklifts don’t have a fuel tank, they have a lower fire risk than gas, propane and diesel-powered models. In addition, unlike propane lifts with the tank location potentially impeding the operator’s vision, the battery on electric forklifts is concealed in an area closer to the floor, so it will not impact their visibility.
  5. They’re manoeuvrable. Electric forklifts are often smaller than gas, propane and diesel-powered models, making them easier to handle and manoeuvre in narrow aisles and other tight spaces. They also have superior braking technology, a tighter turning radius and a low centre of gravity, making them more stable when performing high heavy lifting.

Although electric forklifts have a greater upfront cost than traditional models, you’ll save money in the long run by not having to pay for frequent repairs or purchase fuel.

Suitable uses

Electric forklifts come in many types and sizes and can offer long-term advantages when you choose the right model for your work environment. For example, an electric forklift is a great option for indoor warehouses, manufacturing and food processing facilities where fumes could be harmful.

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