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SP 3570F/3580F Series


SP 3570F Series

  • Four Wheel Order picker
  • 3000 lb. capacity @ 24″ load centre
  • Lift Heights to 366″

SP 3580F Series

  • Four Wheel Platform & Cart handling Order picker
  • 1500 lb. capacity @ 48″ load centre.
  • Lift Heights to 366″

Clearly Elevated Performance

The ability to see clearly has a tremendous impact on safety and productivity on order picking. That’s why Crown offers the industry’s largest platform window—50 percent larger than competitors—which provides operators the visibility they need to safely and effectively maneuver up and down the warehouse aisle.

Stability that Builds Confidence

Imagine working all day, every day on the ledge of three-story building. That’s not far from reality for an order picker. This is why the entire truck, from generous use of steel to Crown’s closed-loop control system, is designed to contribute to stability throughout every cycle.

Performance that Rises Above

While operator confidence and truck stability contribute to overall productivity, truck performance plays an important role when it comes to saving time and energy in each and every cycle. Based on operational needs, Crown can deliver more speed, capacity at height and features including Variable Lift/Lower and Regen Lower. What’s more, unlike competitors, all SP Series Order Pickers include Linear Speed Control standard.

Features & Benefits

SP 3570F Spec Sheet

SP 3580F Spec Sheet