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Forklift Safety Tips for Your Warehouse in Western Canada

Whether you have a small operation with one forklift or are looking to expand your fleet and increase productivity by investing in more used forklifts, safety is always top of mind for warehouse managers and owners. Keep your people safe from harm and ensure that business continues to run as usual, just faster, with the right precautions in place for forklift safety in your warehouse in Calgary, Edmonton, or Vancouver. Follow the simple tips below and work with Arpac for Crown forklift safety, forklift repairs, sales, and training to keep you on the right path.

Forklift safety in Vancouver British Columbia

Forklift Safety Reminders for Every Warehouse

While the following tips are straightforward, they are crucial for forklift safety. Read on for a reminder and avoid these hazards in your warehouse or other workplace:

  • Proper Training – Hire qualified forklift operators to ensure that inadvertent mistakes or careless risks do not occur while on the job. If you want to ensure your entire workforce is ready to jump in when and where they are needed in the warehouse, consider employee safety training. Arpac offers a range of forklift training services in Vancouver for all skill levels and a variety of job types. Contact us today to learn about forklift safety training for your employees.
  • Proper Attire – Whether or not your warehouse employees are required to wear a uniform is up to you, but for safety reasons, you might want to consider the benefits of a strict dress code. Hard hats, safety shoes, visibility jackets, and fitted attire are all important to maintain the safety of employees operating and working around forklifts.
  • Proper Equipment – No matter the age or brand of your forklifts, they should be properly inspected and routinely checked to ensure they are working correctly. Damages should be reported promptly to avoid safety concerns. If you are in the market for a new forklift, consider buying a used forklift from a reputable dealer like Arpac. We certify the quality and reliability of all new and used forklifts we sell and would be happy to find the right machine for your warehouse.

Turn to Arpac for all your forklift safety and maintenance needs. We provide everything from training to forklift repairs so you can focus on your team and your business instead of worrying about your equipment. We offer a wide variety of warehouse tools and storage solutions for the most safe and productive environment possible.

Contact us today at 1-800-946-8511 to learn more about forklift safety or explore our used forklift selection online. You can also reach us online and we will send you more details about our forklifts, repairs, and training options.