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Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers Program

With respect to the media coverage regarding Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program we wish to clarify our company’s involvement with this program.n    n
For several years our company has not been able to find and hire sufficient Canadian skilled forklift technicians to service our customer needs. Despiten our efforts to provide competitive market wages, training and numerous other benefits to Canadian citizens, there are not enough skilled Canadian workersn to satisfy the current demand. As a result, we have used the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to find additional skilled labour.  n
The workers we have hired through this program have not replaced Canadian workers. They are paid on the same competitive wage scale as our Canadiann workers. We are committed to sourcing Canadian  workers first and will continue to train Canadians who chose to make a career as forklift technicians.n  n
If you have any questions regarding Arpac’s recruitment and training strategies or our involvement with the Temporary Foreign Worker program, pleasen feel free to contact us at