• PC 4500 Series

    PC 4500 Series
    PC 4500 SeriesPC 4500 Series

    PC 4500 Series

    • End Control Pallet Truck 
    • Available in 6000 or 8000 lb. Capacity

    Steer Effortlessly

    Crown’s X10 Handle combined with their innovative electronic power steering offers operators a huge advantage with the PC 4500 Series Center Rider. Operators are most productive when they feel confident, and confidence is the result of a safe, stable and technically advanced Pallet Truck.

    When you combine confidence with uptime you get serious productivity resulting in substantial cost savings with a focus beyond the initial price point.

    The PC 4500 Series far outlasts its competitors for superior value.

    Experience the Crown Advantage of the PC 4500 Series.

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